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Mom Says Christian School Expelled Her Kids Because She’s Unmarried And They Have Different Fathers


Mom Says Christian School Expelled Her Kids Because She’s Unmarried And They Have Different Fathers

Mom Says Christian School Expelled Her Kids Because She’s Unmarried And They Have Different Fathers

An Ohio mother is furious after her daughter’s were unexpectedly expelled from their Christan school simply because she is not married and her kids have different fathers

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Summer Grant shared with The Akron Beacon Journal that she spoke to school administrator John Wilson after her oldest daughter had an issue with a school bus driver. Grant got involved in the incident, which escalated, and the police were called. Her 10-year-old, Summara-Rayn, and 7-year-old, Summaia, were both kicked out jut 30 days before the end of the school year. Curious to know the exact reason why, Grant asked Wilson if the school bus incident was the reason and he gave her an answer she wasn’t expecting.

Grant said he said “no” and that “the bus incident just shed a light on many problems that we have with you,” Grant told the Akron Beacon Journal. Grant says Wilson told her that her daughters were being dismissed because she was committing “adultery.”

Grant explained that the school had an issue with her being unmarried last summer when she went to Wilson to discuss her daughters’ scholarships. Apparently, Wilson began asking about her daughters and their fathers, asking “how we can get your household to live biblically moral,” Grant told the newspaper.

“It wasn’t about whether they had their scholarship in place,” Grant tearfully told the paper. “It was more or less about me just not living right. … It was an uncomfortable conversation, but I sat through it because I really wanted my children to go to the school.”

What’s really shocking is that Grant later told Wilson that it wasn’t a requirement for her to be married for her children to attend the school; it was a “strong recommendation,” the paper reports. Grant pointed out that many other parents at the school are not married.

Pastor Wilson released a statement with Jeff Sumner, the Board of Education Chairman for the schools. He claimed that parents signed a “written agreement to conduct themselves in accordance with expressed guidelines of conducts’ in hopes of ensuring the ‘physical safety of our students.” However, Grant said she never signed anything like that.

Despite the school bus incident, she described her children as being great students and showed off the many accolades and certificates the pair had gotten from their school. She’s hoping the school will change its mind, for the sake of the two girl’s education. 

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