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More Than 42,000 Immigration Hearings Canceled Amid Shutdown



More Than 42,000 Immigration Hearings Canceled Amid Shutdown

More Than 42,000 Immigration Hearings Canceled Amid Shutdown

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As the government shutdown goes into its fourth week, more and more sectors of the federal government are affected.

The shutdown has caused the cancellation of at least 42,726 immigration hearings and the number is expected to rise.

The HuffPost reports that Syracuse University’s study recorded the total amount of canceled hearings from Dec. 24 to Jan. 11, adding that it will grow by 20,000 for each week that the government remains closed.

California, New York, Texas, and Florida, are the biggest states that have been affected by this. The huge delay could cause an even further backlog into lengthy immigration wait times.

San Francisco Immigration Court Judge Dana Leigh Marks says,

“Many of the cases that are being canceled for the shutdown have been on my docket already for two or three or four years, and now I have no time in the foreseeable future to reset them,” she said. “It could be another three or four years before those people can expect hearings on their cases.”

The President has not made any indication on when he plans to reopen the government.

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