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‘Most Dangerous Bird In The World’ Kills Man At Local Farm

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‘Most Dangerous Bird In The World’ Kills Man At Local Farm

A Florida man was killed by his large, flightless bird called a cassowary after he fell into it’s enclosure.

According to the Daily Beast, Marvin Hajos,75, was in close proximity to the bird when he fell into it’s enclosure. Deputy Chief Jeff Taylor said the cassowary may have attacked the caretaker once he close to it.

“My understanding is that the gentleman was in the vicinity of the bird and at some point fell. When he fell, he was attacked.”

The cassowary is known to be the most dangerous bird in the world due to its ability to kill predators or threats with a kick. It can also run up to 31 miles per hour and can cut open their victims with their long, blade-like talons.

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The incident involving Hajos is currently being investigated by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office as reported by spokesperson LT.Brett Rhodenizer:

“Initial information indicates that this was a tragic accident for Mr. Hajos and his family. The cassowary involved remains secured on private property at this time.”

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Cassowaries are native to Australia and New Guinea and are used for their meat but if they are brought to the United States, they are often raised as a pet or prize possession. However, Florida Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Karen Parker says the birds are not easy to handle since they are dangerous.

“Cassowaries can also pose a danger to people. Substantial experience and specific cage requirements must be met.”

Press play to learn more about the cassowary in the clip below.


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