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Mother Arrested For Macing Group Who Fought Daughter

PIX 11


Mother Arrested For Macing Group Who Fought Daughter

Mother Arrested For Macing Group Who Fought Daughter

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A Virginia mother has been arrested after she allegedly maced a group of people who had been fighting her daughter.

PIX 11 reports that cops responded to a call around 7:15 p.m. about a group of females acting in a “disorderly” manner. Police report that many of the women involved had symptoms that correlated with being maced.

A woman identified as 34-year-old Keisha Rankins said that the fight broke out between her daughter and another child. Rankins says she was talking to the other mother when their daughters began to fight in the street. The other mom apparently tried to stop the altercation, but, ended up becoming a part of the fight. Numerous other people are said to have been involved.

Rankins says she picked up a can of mace and began to spray people to get them off of her daughter.

Police later arrested Rankins for three counts of malicious assault, including by acid/explosive/fire, two counts of assault, with an additional three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

#Socialites, do you think she was in the wrong?

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