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Mother Banned From Having More Children After Giving Birth 44 Times



Mother Banned From Having More Children After Giving Birth 44 Times

A Ugandan woman is banned from having more children after giving birth 44 times.

According to AOL News, Mariam Nabatanzi has given birth to 44 children which include four sets of twins, five sets of triplets and five quadruplets. The single mother had her first child at 13, a year after she was sold into marraige and supports her 38 children by working three jobs as a tailor, hairdresser, and herbalist.

Gynecologist Dr.Charles Kiggundu said in an Al Jazeera documentary about Nabatanzi’s life that she has a condition called hyperovulation. Hyperovulation is when a woman’s body releases more one than one egg during her menstrual cycle.

“You find that some of the women have the potential of having between 10 to 12 eggs that come at the beginning of the month,”

However, doctors have now banned her from having anymore children.

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Nabatanzi has attempted to use birth control to regulate her cycle but it has proven dangerous to her health. After she gave birth to her 18th child, Nabatanzi fell into a coma while using an IUD.

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Nevertheless, the mother wants her children to have an education.

“Generally, I have tried to educate them. My dream is that my children go to school. They can lack anything (else), but they must go to school,”

Press play to learn more about a woman who beat Nabantazi’s record  in the video below.


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