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Mother Forced Her Healthy Five-Year-Old To Use A Wheelchair And Feeding Tube

Hall County Sheriff's Office


Mother Forced Her Healthy Five-Year-Old To Use A Wheelchair And Feeding Tube

A Georgia woman was arrested after she forced her five-year-old son to use a feeding tube in order to collect his disability checks.

According to WSBTV, Teresa Lynne Roth allegedly faked her son’s sickness for two years and forced him to use a wheelchair and feeding tube. The boy also took 28 medications and strapped to an oxygen tank. Roth was arrested from her Gainsville home Thursday and Hall County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Scott Ware said Roth made her son undergo unnecessary health treatments.

“Between January 2016 and October 2018, Mrs. Roth did cause her son unnecessary physical and mental pain by subjecting him to undergo unnecessary medical treatments and medications, jeopardizing his well-being,”

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Roth’s son was placed in protective custody after a complaint was filed against her in October 2018. Police say the boy is doing much better since then.

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Roth was arrested and charged with first-degree child abuse and cruelty. She is currently in custody on a $16,700 bond.

Watch the clip below to learn more about the case. 


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