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Mother of H&M Model In ‘Coolest Monkey’ Ad Tells Critics To “Get Over It”

H&M model and mother, Terry Mango


Mother of H&M Model In ‘Coolest Monkey’ Ad Tells Critics To “Get Over It”

While many feel offended by H&M and their use of a young Black model for its latest campaign featuring a “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” sweater, the mother of the child has opposing sentiments.

Consequently, following backlash on social media, H&M apologized for the ordeal while the mother, Terry Mango, of Stockholm, Sweden, speaks out herself against the criticism.

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Additionally, she hopped on Facebook and stated in a since-deleted post:

Am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modelled. Stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here … get over it.”

In addition, she continued:

“If I bought that jumper and put it on him and posted it on my pages, would that make me racist? I get pples opinion, but they are not mine.”

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Plus, she claims she’s been to all of her son’s previous modeling shoots and was with him during the shoot for this campaign.

So, she adds:

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion about this. …I really don’t understand but not coz am choosing not to but because it’s not my way of thinking, sorry.”

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As a result of the offensive campaign addition, many celebrities have severed their ties with the clothing company.

In addition to The WeekndG-EazyNicki Minaj and more have spoken out and pulled their lines.

Lebron James wrote in a post showing the young model wearing a crown accompanied by the word “King of the World,”

“We as African Americans will always have to break barriers, prove people wrong and work even harder to prove we belong but guess what, that’s what we love because the benefits at the end of the road are so beautiful!”

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Terry Mango and H&M model son


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