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Mother Injects Her Baby With Bleach Because She Did Not “Love Her”

Daily Mail UK


Mother Injects Her Baby With Bleach Because She Did Not “Love Her”

A Turkish mother is facing prison time after she confessed to injecting bleach and liquid soap into her baby girl. She said she tortured the girl because she did not feel a “maternal” connection.

The Daily Mail reports Elif K. surrendered herself to police after her daughter, Eylul Miray, went to a local hospital due to the woman injecting her with liquid soap and bleach. Elif also cut her with a razor on the baby’s head, eyes, legs, and chest. She explained to police that the torture began when Eylul was a month old and said that she “couldn’t love her daughter.”

“I couldn’t love my daughter, I couldn’t warm towards her. I decided to torture her. Since she was one month old I injected bleach and liquid soap into her ears, nose and belly button, until she started bleeding.”

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The woman also lived with her husband Eray K. and their three children in Istanbul. Eray took his daughter to the doctor after he noticed that her ears were bleeding. The doctor could not determine what was wrong with the baby girl until her condition worsened. She suffered from a fractured skull and had scratches and bruises on her body.

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Although Elif was arrested twice for suspected child abuse, she convinced police officers that she was innocent. After her daughter was admitted to the hospital for the third time, doctors at the Kanuni Sultan Hospital refused to allow Elif to see her daughter. Afterward, she finally confessed to abusing the then nine-month-old baby girl when she turned herself in to police.

She was found guilty for abusing and torturing her daughter was sent to prison. Currently, the child is in her father’s care and is expected to make a full recovery.




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