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Mother of 11 Faces Eviction After Being Laid Off Before Christmas

Fox 13 Memphis


Mother of 11 Faces Eviction After Being Laid Off Before Christmas

A Memphis mother of 11 is facing eviction after she was laid off from her job before Christmas.

Fox 13 Memphis reports Jessica Sumlin is currently applying for jobs so she could find a way to support her 11 children and keep a roof over their heads. Sumlin left her twelve-year job at Taco Bell due to having a high-risk pregnancy.

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Her seasonal job helped cover some of her expenses but found out a week before the holidays that she was being laid off. She believes she was laid off due to issues with transportation.

“I went to work that day and I didn’t know I was let go. When I had got to the gate, my badge didn’t work, and I was wondering why my badge didn’t work.”

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Every day she spends money on Uber in order to make her way around the city. However, Sumlin and 1,800 others are dealing with Shelby County’s sudden unemployment issues. Sumlin says she’s going to continue to find work to support her family despite facing possible eviction.

“I want to continue putting in applications. Continue interviews. Hopefully lord’s will I find a job real soon and keep trying to do for my kids.”

Press play to learn more in the video below and if you know anyone hiring in Memphis let us know!

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