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Mother Reveals She ‘Bought’ Her Daughter After Finding Her Advertised In A Sex Classified


Mother Reveals She ‘Bought’ Her Daughter After Finding Her Advertised In A Sex Classified

A Mother revealed she had to buy her daughter after finding her advertised in a sex classified ad.

According to reports, in a new documentary called ‘ I Am Jane Doe‘ showcases a woman who reunited with her daughter who had gone missing.

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After 270 days, Kubiiki Pride found her 13-year-old daughter, identified as MA, in the escorts section of nine months after she disappeared.

Reportedly, Pride was scrolling through when she came across her daughter’s ad.

The ad showcased her daughter wearing provocative clothes. Pride says she dialed the number in the ad to request her services.

“I called and asked to purchase the services myself,’ she said. ‘My daughter was stabbed and burned, her head shaved, and she was beaten,’ she said

The person who trafficked Pride’s daughter was a woman who was caught and sentenced to five years in prison in 2010, but the advertisement featuring explicit photos of the teen remained online.

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In 2011 Pride sued – arguing the website facilitated child sex trafficking – but her case was dismissed under 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

However, the act states that a website providing a service can’t be held accountable as the ‘publisher’ for anything users post or advertise on it.

Backpage also refused to take down photos of ‘MA’ when Pride requested them to do so,

“I asked them to take photos of my daughter down,’ she said. ‘And they didn’t do so, I was just so angry.”

The website did shut down it’s ‘Adult’ section early January.

“The decision of today to remove its Adult section in the United States will no doubt be heralded as a victory by those seeking to shutter the site, but it should be understood for what it is: an accumulation of acts of government censorship using extra-legal tactics,’ they said in a statement.”

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