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Mother Runs Barber Over After He Left A Small Cut On Her Son’s Neck

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Mother Runs Barber Over After He Left A Small Cut On Her Son’s Neck

Police are on the lookout for a California mother after she ran over her son’s barber with her car and smashed him into a glass storefront because he left a small cut on the boy’s neck.

KRON TV reports 63-year-old Brian Martin was rushed to a local hospital Thursday after Ruby Delgadillo,28, rammed her vehicle into him after he allegedly left a “small nick” in her son’s neck. The Antioch barber said Delgadillo is usually a pleasant customer and was bringing her son to his barbershop, the Delta Barber Shop, for a year. However, things went sour after Delgadillo saw the small cut on her son’s neck despite Martin saying the boy wouldn’t stay still during his haircut.

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Multiple witnesses told police that the young woman entered her car after she argued with Martin, locked eyes then struck him with the vehicle. Delgadillo fled the scene shortly after and remains at large. Police also warned not to approach the woman if she is spotted.

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The incident led to Martin undergoing emergency surgery to have a metal rod inserted into his leg. He is expected to make a full months-long recovery after he is released from the hospital.

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