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Mother Says Police Officer Pulled Gun On Her 10-Year-Old Black Son With Special Needs

FOX 13 News


Mother Says Police Officer Pulled Gun On Her 10-Year-Old Black Son With Special Needs

A Utah mother is demanding answers after a police officer pointed a gun at her 10-year-old son with special needs.

FOX 13 News reports DJ Hrubes was playing in his family’s front yard when a police officer approached him and pulled out his weapon. The boy said during an interview with the news station that the Wood Cross Police officer told him to put his hands above his head and lay on his stomach.

“I was right here and he pulled a gun out and I had to do this and I laid down, like this,”

Jerri Hrubes, DJ’s adoptive mother, said she witnessed the horrifying encounter and thought the officer was going to shoot DJ.

“I run outside and there’s a police officer with his weapon pointed to my son’s head, I really thought they were going to shoot my little boy,”

The Wood Cross Police Department said in a statement that the incident was a case of mistaken identity during a search for two potentially armed suspects. The suspects were involved in a shooting in Centerville.

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DJ says the officer may have targeted him due to his skin color but officials reported that the officer returned to the home and gave DJ a hug.

“They need to be held responsible, I mean he’s a child, you can definitely tell he’s a child,”

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Lt. Adam Osoro said the officer did what was needed so the community could be safe.

“I don’t exactly know what else we can do at this point.”

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