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Mother Shot & Killed In Front Of Son During Driving Lesson

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Mother Shot & Killed In Front Of Son During Driving Lesson

Mother Shot & Killed In Front Of Son During Driving Lesson

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A Milwaukee mother was shot and killed in front of her son while she was giving him a driving lesson.

WISN reports that the tragic turn of events occurred after they got into a fender bender with Matthew Wilks, 35. He shot Tracey Smith in front of her 17-year-old son on Friday night at 51st Street and Capitol Drive.

Police said Smith, who is a sergeant with the State Department of Corrections, was on a driving lesson with her son to drive when they were hit by Wilks

“I don’t know what to say, but I know one thing, the way my daughter lost her life. it wasn’t right. It ain’t right,” said Ollie Luckett, Tracey’s father.

According to the police report, Smith and her son were making a left turn at an intersection when Wilks cut them off and crashed into him.

Her son adds that when his mother went to talk to the driver, he threatened to kill her and then shot her in the chest.

Luckett blamed the shooting on repetitive road rage issues.

“You know how it is on these streets. You probably ride it. You know how these people are acting. It’s ridiculous. My daughter shouldn’t have lost her life like that,” Luckett added.

Her son tried to drive his mother to the hospital but she died.

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