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Mother Uses Taco To Distract Fake Cop Who Was Harassing Family


Mother Uses Taco To Distract Fake Cop Who Was Harassing Family

Mother Uses Taco To Distract Fake Cop Who Was Harassing Family.

Talk about saved by the taco. A California woman has been labeled as “brave” after she distracted a fake cop who was harassing her family with a gun, by offering him a taco!

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According to Law enforcement, the family was enjoying carne asada tacos and soda from a food truck in the City of Industry in Los Angeles County around 6:30 p.m. when a “dangerous stranger” approached the family and began terrorizing them. He allegedly then showed them a gun concealed in his waistband and flashed a badge, telling them he was an undercover “cop.”

However, the mother instinctively knew the man was not a police officer and began to think of ways to get out of the situation. Fearing for her family’s life, the mother offered the man one of their street tacos and explained she needed to go back to the food truck to get him some napkins.

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She then walked over and approached the taco truck and customers in line, at first telling them not to look back at her minivan. The woman then explained the situation, and they immediately called 911. Police then responded to the scene and located the suspect next to the family’s van. As the patrol cars closed in on the vehicle, the man allegedly threw the gun into the minivan and attempted to get inside.

The suspect, identified as 38-year-old Juan Rodriguez, was handcuffed and taken in custody and booked on suspicion of felony child endangerment, impersonating a peace officer and outstanding warrants.

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