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Mother Who Reported Son For Threatening To Shoot Up School Faces Felony Charges

Wayne County Jail


Mother Who Reported Son For Threatening To Shoot Up School Faces Felony Charges

An Indiana mother who reported her son for planning a mass shooting last year is currently facing multiple felony charges.

CBS4Indy reports Mary York is facing several felony charges earlier this week after it was discovered she discharged her 14-year-old son from a mental health facility and stopped him from taking his medication before his suicide on Dec.13,2018. She removed her son from the 10-day program after their health insurance couldn’t cover the expenses. York made headlines last year after reporting that her son threatened to shoot up his school. Authorties said in a report that the teen brought a rifle, pistol, ammunition, gasoline-filled water bottles, and rags for Molotov cocktails and held York’s boyfriend at gunpoint before entering the school.

He was approached by officers and ran inside Dennis Intermediate School before exchanging gunfire with police. The boy died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after the standoff.

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York currently faces several felony charges which are listed as dangerous control of a child, neglect of a dependent, depriving dependent of necessary support and criminal recklessness. She says she does not understand why the prosecutor’s office has filed the charges against her. The Indiana State Police said in a statement that York turned herself in early Tuesday morning.

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Documents state that York informed the police that she was unaware of her son’s declining mental health and was spoken to by school administrators about her son’s comments about wanting to kill his classmates and harming himself.

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