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Muslim Detective Sues NYPD For $7M, Claims Being Discriminated Against



Muslim Detective Sues NYPD For $7M, Claims Being Discriminated Against

Muslim Detective Sues NYPD For $7M, Claims Being Discriminated Against

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A Muslim Officer who is on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s security detail has filed a $7 million federal suit against the city claiming that he’s being discriminated against for being Muslim.

Detective Abdelim “Abe” Azab claims that he’s been denied multiple promotions due to his faith and Middle Eastern roots.

“Mr. Azab, a detective who went undercover after 9/11, has been regularly passed over for promotion, and has been given insulting assignments within his unit,” his attorney Marshall Bellovin told The NY Post.

The Egypt-born detective was previously assigned to the Demographics Unit, which put undercover officers in Muslim neighborhoods. He has been a second-grade detective since 2008 earning around $103,585 a year. However, he claims he should have been promoted to first grade by now where he’d be earning an additional $20,000.

Azab also adds that his bosses have made “vulgar” and “derogatory” comments about him including that he’s “useless” and a “misfit,” and have told sergeants to keep “Abe away from de Blasio.”

He adds that he’s been repeatedly replaced by a non-Muslim, non-Middle Eastern officer on assignments. He also says he’s been denied training opportunities that would help his career and wasn’t included on the mayor’s 2015 trip to Israel, despite being the only Arabic speaker in the unit and he was labeled “too intimidating.”

He adds that numerous other officers had filed discrimination complaints, but Mayor de Blasio has not made any changes. The NYPD have not yet commented on the matter.

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