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Naked Florida Man Spreads Feces Through Elementary School


Naked Florida Man Spreads Feces Through Elementary School

Naked Florida Man Spreads Feces Through Elementary School

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A half naked Florida man was arrested for breaking into an elementary school and spreading feces around the building.

The Miami Herald reports that the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reports that 25-year-old Christian Dominic Shay broke into Bear Lake Elementary School in Apopka wearing nothing but a University of Florida Gator shirt and no pants or underwear. His ‘sexual organs’ were reportedly hanging out.

He then created a health hazard by spreading his poop all over the building and entering a classroom that had a cake and spreading frosting everywhere. Police discovered cake frosting all over the floor, the teacher’s desk, chairs and drawers. Some of it was mixed with poop.

After détectives identified him on the surveillance footage, he was arrested, but, claimed he didn’t remember the incident and he only committed the crimes because he ingested a marijuana blunt that had been laced by a strange substance.

Shay was charged with damaging property, burglary of a building, petit theft, indecent exposure of sexual organs and nuisance injurious to health.

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