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Naked Jeans Are The Hottest New Trend And Have Already Sold Out


Naked Jeans Are The Hottest New Trend And Have Already Sold Out

Get your naked on with this new jean trend that is literally flying off of the shelves. 

Back in 2017, the naked jeans was a trend that people were not too fond of. Initially, it started out with the see-through plastic pants and then transferred into jeans that were literally like thongs.

But flash forward to 2018, and the trend seems to be back and this time it’s not staying on shelves too long. Not because their outlandish styles are too major to purchase, but because the trend is so large that they are too hard to resist putting on. 

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If you recall, Japanese brand Thibaut debuted a barely-there pair of jeans during the Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo.

But today, California based brand Carmar Denim, created almost an exact replica of Thibaut’s thong jeans. While there is little to absolutely no fabric, these jeans still have a pretty hefty price tag. If they are not sold out, these thong pants are going for $168. 

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It’s literally safe to say that the past year has presented the fashion world with some pretty unique and definitely explicit ideas when it comes to design.

Take a look at the pants below and let us know what you think!

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