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Nas And Kelis Agree To Share Joint Custody Of Their Son

Nas and Kelis


Nas And Kelis Agree To Share Joint Custody Of Their Son

Nas and Kelis have finally come to an agreement on the custody issues of their 8-year-old son and will be sharing joint legal custody.

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According to TMZ, Nas and Kelis have agreed to share joint legal and physical custody of Knight. The agreement is specific, breaking down who gets the child during various holidays. For example, Nas gets Knight on Father’s Day and Kelis will have their son on Mother’s Day.

They’ll alternate Knight’s birthdays, so that he gets the even years and she gets the odd years.

They’ve been at war over custody and child support for a long time now. Kelis currently gets $8k a month, but claims Nas is doing so much better financially that he should be providing more, adding that their sons needs have changed since their initial child support agreement. It looks like 8k just isn’t cutting it anymore!

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Nas & Kelis

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