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Nas Says Kelis Violated Custody Agreement Over Jewish Holiday

Nas and Kelis


Nas Says Kelis Violated Custody Agreement Over Jewish Holiday

The battle doesn’t seem to come to an end for Nas and Kelis, who are now fighting over a Jewish holiday.

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According to TMZ, Nas has filed legal documents asking a judge to penalize Kelis because she refused to turn over 8-year-old Knight. Kelis says it’s because the child wanted to stay with her during Passover. Nas says it was his weekend and the whole Passover thing doesn’t make sense as they are not Jewish.

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He says that she’s been difficult generally when it comes to getting to spend time with his son Knight. He says once when he arrived at her house, she screamed at him telling him he couldn’t take the child. Nas says Kelis has refused to let him pick up the child from school on several occasions.

He’s asking for $22,000 for all the lawyers’ bills he’s had to pay when she has allegedly violated their custody agreement.

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Nas & Kelis

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