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NBA Number One Draft Pick May Turn Down The Opportunity To Go Pro



NBA Number One Draft Pick May Turn Down The Opportunity To Go Pro

Looks like things may no go as planned for the New Orleans Pelicans following their position in the NBA draft lottery.

Just a few days ago, the New Orleans Pelicans were awarded the top spot for the NBA draft lottery as they were selected to take the first round draft pick.

With Duke’s Zion Williamson being the number one pick, that means he would automatically go to the Pelicans. However, that was not what he was expecting when he entered the draft.

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Initially, Williamson was rooting for the New York Knicks to take the first pick, but following the news, he was reportedly disappointed.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, there is a possibility that Williamson will stay at Duke and pass up the opportunity to go pro.

“He does have some options. I’m not saying he’s going to pick these options, but he has not signed with an agent and he has not signed a shoe deal yet,” Windhorst said. “He could threaten to go back to Duke. It’s a conversation that’s happening in the NBA right now.”

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In the past, Williamson has said that he loves playing for Duke and that it was a hard decision for him to declare for the draft. He does have 10 days before the draft to make the decision as to if he wants to go to the Pelicans or stay with Duke!

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