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New Body-Cam Video Shows Cop Fatally Shooting Fleeing 15-Year-Old



New Body-Cam Video Shows Cop Fatally Shooting Fleeing 15-Year-Old

New Body-Cam Video Shows Cop Fatally Shooting Fleeing 15-Year-Old

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Newly released body-cam footage shows the shocking moment that a Ceres officer jumped out of his patrol car after a high-speed chase and fired over a dozen shots at a fleeing 15-year-old boy. He also failed to give any verbal commands before firing at the teen.

After Officer Bays reloads his rounds, he finally yells, “Get on the ground!” However, Carmen Spencer Mendez was already fatally wounded.

According to Stanislaus County Sheriff’s office, Bays was initially responding to a call about someone who had a weapon at a skate park when he began chasing a black Lexus that was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run. However, the victims from the park described a young Latino who was wearing a black shirt and jeans, but, Mendez was wearing a white top and red pants when he was shot.

The release of the footage comes after a $2.1 million civil settlement was awarded to Mendez’s family who sued Ceres in federal court.

Acording to the SF Chronicle, this was Bays’ second fatal officer-involved shooting. Back in October 2017, Bays and Sgt., Darren Venn fired at Nicholas Pimentel following a high-speed chase.

The Stanislaus County district attorney’s office is currently investigating the incident and has not yet made a decision on whether they will file criminal charges against Bays. According to officials, Bays is currently on medical leave from the department.

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