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New Mexico Preschool Employees Fight Each Other In Front Of Their Students


New Mexico Preschool Employees Fight Each Other In Front Of Their Students

Surveillance footage captured two employees fighting each other at Future Generations preschool in Clovis, New Mexico. The fight occurred last month while school was in session.

The shocking video shows Elizabeth Parrez punching her co-worker repeatedly before she throws her to the ground. During the midday brawl, a five-year-old girl was accidentally kicked in the head. The child’s parents are planning to sue the preschool for negligence due to their lack of training and supervising employees. This is the second time the school has received negative attention since 2015 when a child went missing and was found outside alone.

Future Generations administration stated that they have placed more security measures and the child who was kicked in the head remained at the preschool for three weeks after the fight.

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Parent Minta Kelly says the employees should have learned to contained their emotions and handled the situation better.

“To know that someone who hasn’t learned to contain their emotions and hasn’t learned to take something somewhere else if they’re that passionate about, that they’re working there – it’s unfortunate,”

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Future Generations reported Parrez was fired immediately but it was unclear as to what caused the fight.

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