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New Rapper ‘Gee Money’ Shot and Killed in Baton Rouge


New Rapper ‘Gee Money’ Shot and Killed in Baton Rouge

It has been reported by Vlad news, that 22-year-old rapper Gee Money, also known as Garrett Burton, was shot in the head, and pronounced dead at the scene in Louisiana.

Authorities say that the rapper who is a Baton Rouge native, was allegedly seen leaving a studio session in his neighborhood when an unknown person approached him, and shot him in the head.

As of now, they also state that there are no details on any possible suspects, however, Burton’s friends and family think that it might have something to do with his current “beef” with other rapper, Young Boy.

Authorities state that a majority of the reactions to his passing, were centered around the loss of life, rather than pointing fingers at potential suspects. Hip-hop fans mourned the loss of a young local talent, all unsettled by how much life he had ahead of him.

Moreover, those unfamiliar with Gee Money’s beef with Young boy, allegedly the two Baton Rouge rappers, exchanged words on Facebook live videos and through YouTube videos. Money explained in a previous interview that the two were cool, but Young Boy supposedly got too ‘big headed’ with the fame, money, and his true colors just started to show.

Money expressed,

“He used to be like my little brother, he stayed with me and everything. Everything was still all good until he started doing his own thing, getting a little buzz, getting a little money, he just got a big head … He’s mad about his sister too though, I fucked her a long time ago.”

 No other information has been provided at this time, we will update back with more information as the story develops.

You can watch the video for one of Gee Money’s top hits, “Take It There” above:

 Also take a look at some of the moments Gee Money has before his passing:

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