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New York Bans Gay & Trans ‘Panic’ Defense For Murder

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New York Bans Gay & Trans ‘Panic’ Defense For Murder

New York Bans Gay & Trans ‘Panic’ Defense For Murder

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New York just became the sixth state to ban the gay and trans “panic” defense which allows the defendant to blame his violent acts on a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity

“New York has always been the home of the LGBTQ equality movement, always,” said Gov. Mario Cuomo. “It all started here. It started at Stonewall. It started when we hosted the first Pride Day ever. And we’ve kept that legacy alive. This is the leading State in the United States of America for LGBTQ equality.”

According to PIX 11, New York now joins  California, Rhode Island, Illinois, Nevada and Connecticut who have all passed a similar law into effect.

A famous case where the defense was previously used was that of Matthew Shepherd, who was a gay Wyoming student. He was savagely beaten and left hanging on a fence by two men back in 1998. During the trial, one of the defendants claimed that he beat him up out of fear after Shephard allegedly made a sexual advance. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries a few days later.

Gov. Cuomo said that signing the legislation was “the best way to kick off the #PrideNYC march.”

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