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New York Couple Suing After School Bus Attendant Manhandles Their Disabled Daughter

NY Daily News


New York Couple Suing After School Bus Attendant Manhandles Their Disabled Daughter

Footage shows a school bus attendant grabbing a disabled child on their way to class.

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Leesel Transportation Corp. attendant Beleck Valmont is seen shaking and pressing India Knox’s face into a school bus seat in a video taken by a bus staffer who was concerned about what was going on and recorded the episode to let school officials know.

Knox is a 13-year-old dependent on 24-hour medical care having the mental capacity of a 5-year-old. Her parents, Shaheen and Alex Knox plan to sue Valmont and the school bus company.

Knox got scratches and bruises from the alleged assault and her parents say she is still frightened.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare,” said Knox, 55.

“You give people trust that they’re going to do safely transport your child to school. Assault isn’t something you expect.”

Valmont is saying that his actions were not wrong. He backs his argument up with him having a daughter as well and that he’s been an employee as a city school bus attendant for 13 years.

“I’m sorry about what happened because I didn’t want to do anything wrong to the girl,” he said.

“I love kids and I never got into trouble.”

He explained that he grabbed the child by the hood in an attempt to control her after she was spitting and angering other students.

Valmont was arrested and charged with six crimes. He was later released without bail and awaits a court date next month.

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He was suspended by City Education Department officials and Knox was assigned a new bus and driver.

Watch the footage below for yourself:


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