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New York State Bans The Sale Of Flavored Vaping Products And E-Cigarettes



New York State Bans The Sale Of Flavored Vaping Products And E-Cigarettes

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced during a Sunday morning press conference that the state of New York is moving forward with the ban of flavored e-cigarettes and vaping products.

According to the Daily Mail, Cuomo argued during the press conference that the sale of flavored e-cigarettes are aimed at a younger audience and can pose a dangerous health risk. Additionally, he says other reasons for the ban include the lack of information regarding the long-term health effects of vaping and smoking e-cigarettes.

‘At a minimum it is addicting youth people to nicotine at a very early age. There are several flavors on the market, including cotton candy and bubble gum,  clearly aimed at a younger audience. We do not know the long term-term health effects of the use of the product,’

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The vaping industry has argued saying vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking despite the rising cases of teens developing respiratory issues within the year. Cuomo responded back and said “So, what? Smoking is terrible It’s virtually a high-risk potential death situation. Vaping is better than that, but that’s not saying much”.

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JUUL spokesperson Austin Finan said in a statement that the company is reviewing Cuomo’s executive action and agrees with the idea of regulating flavored products.

 ‘We strongly agree with the need for aggressive category-wide action on flavored products.’

Press play to learn more in the video below and let us know your thoughts.


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