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Nickelback’s “Photograph” Is Streamed 772,000 Times After President Trump Tweet

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Nickelback’s “Photograph” Is Streamed 772,000 Times After President Trump Tweet

In case you missed it, Nickelback had President Donald Trump’s tweet removed for copyright infringement after he used a clip from one of their music videos last week.

Yahoo! Finance reports President Donald Trump used an edited clip of lead musician Chad Kroeger holding a photo of former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and two other men, one who was labeled “Ukraine gas exec.”, with the caption, “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH.”  The tweet received 400,000 likes but became viral after Nickelback’s label, Warner Music Group, flagged the video for copyright infringement.

Two days after the tweet was published, the band’s 2005 hit “Photograph” jumped to 772,000 streams on platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify as reported by Nielsen Music.

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A few fans reacted to the President’s tweet being flagged for copyright issues and even called it Nickelback’s comeback to music.

“If Trump keeps it up, Nickelback unemployment might drop to 3.5 percent.”-@amandahuggin1

“In the last few days, political news has involved Nickelback and Comics Sans. I now fear Trump‘s taxes will be released on a Jaz drive that can only be read on Windows 98.”-@JosephScrimshaw

“When it’s all said and done I think we can all agree that Trump committed the unforgivable crime of making Nickelback cool. Ok coolish. Ok sympathetic.” – @dtension

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Press play to learn more in the video below.


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