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Nigerian Police Rescue 19 Women From ‘Baby Factory’



Nigerian Police Rescue 19 Women From ‘Baby Factory’

Nigerian Police Rescue 19 Women from ‘Baby Factory’

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Police in Nigeria have recovered 19 young women from a “baby factory” in Lagos.

Lagos police spokesman Bala Elkana said the women were aged 15 to 28 and had to be rescued along with four babies.

According to VOA, the women came from all over Nigeria on the pretenses that they would get jobs but then they were imprisoned and forced to have babies.

“The young women were mostly abducted by the suspects for the purpose of getting them pregnant and selling the babies to potential buyers. The girls were tricked with employment as domestic staff in Lagos,” Elkana added.

As of now, Police have arrested two women but are searching for the main suspect who goes by “Madam Oluchi.”

The operation may have made thousands from selling babies.

 “Boys are sold for 500,000 naira ($1,600) and girls for 300,000 naira ($900), Elkana said.

One of the impregnated women said she fell pregnant by her boyfriend and her aunt told her that there was a job for her in Lagos.

Upon arrival, she said a woman induced her labor at just seven months!

“After being in labor for three days, that was when police raided the place and took all of them. The baby came out weak and finally died,” the woman told Reuters.

Authorities are currently investigating and all the women and babies have been rehoused.

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