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Nipsey Hussle Was Being Investigated By LAPD While They Were Praising Him



Nipsey Hussle Was Being Investigated By LAPD While They Were Praising Him

Sources say that Nipsey Hussle was being investigated by the LAPD while they were also praising his work in the community!

Nipsey Hussle who was taken way too early was being praised by the LAPD for his work in the community in regards to gang violence but at the same time, he was being investigated by them.

The police department was secretly investigating Nipsey for possible criminal prosecution for alleged gang activity. Sources say that the LAPD was investigating his Marathon clothing store as being the possible hub for gang activity.

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However, the day he was killed, the LAPD had nothing but amazing words to say about him. In fact, the day after he was killed he was set to meet the LAPD Police Chief to discuss gang violence.

LAPD Commissioner Steve Soboroff stood with Mayor Eric Garcetti, Chief of Police Michel Moore and other L.A. City Officials to discuss a planned summit Nipsey had coordinated with them to curb gang violence before his death.

For years before his death, the City of LA was trying extremely hard for Nip’s landlords to kick him out of his shop. However, what authorities were unaware of is that Nip actually purchased the entire strip mall and went in on the purchase with investors.

Since his death, the City is still looking into Nip’s business partners and their ties to gang life.

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Before his death in March, Nip was a member of the Rollin’ 60s Crips but worked heavily to bring various gang communities together and helped put convicted gang members on the right track.

Commissioner Soboroff has publicly hailed Nipsey as a peacemaker and still stands by his words.

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