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North Korea Instructs Factories To Copy Big Brands’ Sneaker Designs

AP Photo/Dita Alangkara


North Korea Instructs Factories To Copy Big Brands’ Sneaker Designs

With limited access to popular sneaker brands, North Korea has instructed their factories to create a knock-off look alike!

North Korea does not have free access to brands like Nike and Adidas like other parts of the world. However, that does not stop them from making something that looks similar to what they want.

According to the Associated Press, The factories have been told to study the look of popular shoes and recreate them.

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“The respected leader Kim Jong Un has instructed us to closely study shoes from all over the world and learn from their example,” Kim Kyong Hui, of Pyongyang’s Ryuwon Shoe Factory said.

In various pictures obtained by the AP, there are showroom floors filled with sneakers that resemble Air Jordans, and sports sneakers for basketball, running, soccer, and more.

Back in November of 2018, the Guardian took a trip to the same factory and found some stunning sights.

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On the line of one of the machines sat a pair of Adidas sneakers that were gifted to the factory by Kim Jong Un as a way to;

“inspire workers churning out imitations for the North Korean faithful,”

As of now, there has been no word on if these shoes are making their way across the world and into the hands of the wrong people. But various reports say that the new wave of manufacturing in North Korea is a way that they are trying to boost their economic growth.

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