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Nurse Sentenced To Five Years For Exposing Patients To Hepatitis C



Nurse Sentenced To Five Years For Exposing Patients To Hepatitis C

A former Utah nurse was sentenced to serve five years in prison after she admitted to purposely infecting patients with Hepatitis C and stealing their medication.

ABC 4 reports Elet Neilson,53, pleaded guilty back in September for tampering with a consumer product and falsely obtaining a controlled substance. Prosecutors stated during the hearing between July 2013 and November 2014, Neilson worked as an emergency room nurse at the McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden where she injected herself with patients’ pain medication and transmitted Hepatitis C to seven patients.

“She was taking medicine that was supposed to be delivered under her care to a patient, and she used part of it for her own selfish needs and desires. Whether she has an addiction I don’t know, but what I do know is that law violations have occurred.”

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U.S. State Attorney John Huber said Monday that the victims were put in a position where Neilson carelessly infected them with Hep-c.

“At least seven unwitting and innocent victims were in vulnerable positions when the nurse defendant recklessly exposed them to, and infected them with a serious and stigmatizing disease. These convictions represent knowing and intentional conduct that went well beyond an unwise decision made amidst addiction.”

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