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NY Mom Files Lawsuit After Giving Birth To Someone Else’s Babies After IVF Mix-Up

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NY Mom Files Lawsuit After Giving Birth To Someone Else’s Babies After IVF Mix-Up

NY Mom Files Lawsuit After Giving Birth To Someone Else’s Babies After IVF Mix-Up

A woman who finally got the chance to get pregnant and have a baby of her own was left devastated after learning the child she gave birth to wasn’t hers.

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According to a lawsuit, married couple identified as Y.Z. and A.P., went to CHA Fertility Center when they made several attempts both natural and with artificial insemination had failed. Determined to have a little one to call their own, the Queen’s couple made a trip in January 2018 to the clinic to meet Dr. Joshua Berger and co-owner Simon Hong, and eventually underwent a months-long regimen of medicines, vitamins, tests and procedures that resulted in eight embryos, which totaled up to $100,000. The couple said in its Brooklyn federal court lawsuit that A.P. attempted to have an embryo implanted at the Los Angeles facility In July, of 2018, but it didn’t work.

They decided to give it another try and by September, A.P. was pregnant. The couple was filled with excitement after learning that they were actually expecting twins. However, they knew something wasn’t right. Ultrasound technicians kept telling the couple that A.P. was carrying twin boys, prompting the “confused” pair to call CHA to find out why. The doctor and clinic owner “assured [A.P. and Y.Z.] that they were having girls and that nothing was wrong.” In March 30, 2019, A.P. went to a New York hospital and the next day, she gave birth… to twin boys and neither shared Y.Z. and A.P.’s Asian ethnicity, the couple charges.

CHA personnel, including Hong, flew to New York to conduct genetic tests and confirmed the newborns weren’t genetically related to them.

Excitement quilty turned into heartbreak, disappointment and even embarrassment. They were later forced to give custody of each infant to their respective biological parents, who were also clients of CHA.

It was said that they still do not know what happened to the two female embryos that were supposed to have been implanted in A.P.’s uterus. They labeled them “irreplaceable,” The New York Post reports. The couple “may never know what happened to their embryos, as well as whether the currently cryopreserved embryos are genetically matched to them,” they said in court docs seeking unspecified damages.

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