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NYPD Lieutenant Texted Officer That Eric Garner’s Death Was ‘No Big Deal’


NYPD Lieutenant Texted Officer That Eric Garner’s Death Was ‘No Big Deal’

NYPD Lieutenant Texted Officer That Eric Garner’s Death Was ‘No Big Deal’

Shocking details were revealed during Thursday’s disciplinary court hearing for Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who put Eric Garner in a chokehold during the arrest, which led to his death almost five years ago.

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A senior New York City police officer who was also involved in Garner’s arrest told a subordinate that the incident was “not a big deal” immediately after being informed that Garner had gone into cardiac arrest and was probably dead.

The revelation was contained in a series of texts between Lt Christopher Bannon of the NYPD, who dispatched officers to Garner’s location, and sergeant, Dhanan Saminath, who had been there on the scene. They were both disclosed as part of a disciplinary trial for officer Daniel Pantaleo, The Guardian reports.

The texts showed that Saminath told his superior:

“Danny [Pantaleo] and Justin [D’Amico, another officer involved] went to collar Eric Garner and he resisted. When they took him down Eric went into cardiac arrest. He’s unconscious. Might [be] DOA,” The Guardian quotes. After another short exchange, Bannon replied: “Not a big deal. We were effecting a lawful arrest.”

Garner’s heartbroken mother, Gwen Carr, told the publication after the hearing that the text messages were just a “smack in the face.”

“For the officer to disregard a human life like that … in other words it was business as usual. Leave him there, do what you want to do, go on about your business. That’s what it felt like to me,” Carr said. She added that she had not known of the messages’ existence until they were read in court on Thursday.

Bannon actually defended the remarks claiming he only said it to calm the officers involved.

“My reasoning behind that text message was not to be malicious, it’s to make sure the officer knew [he] was put in a bad situation,” Bannon said. “To try to bring him down to a level where you put him at ease.”

The hearing is set to continue into next week. We will continue to keep you updated when more details have been shared.

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