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NYPD Says Overweight Cops Are Weighing Department Down


NYPD Says Overweight Cops Are Weighing Department Down

According to NYPD sources, the department is being dragged down by overweight cops.

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“We really are the world’s largest police department,” said one of the veteran cops who’s worked in Manhattan, Brooklyn and The Bronx.

“We’re the fattest police department in the country … because we have no requirement to stay in shape.”

Some police are terrified that their out-of-shape colleagues won’t be able to provide back-up in physically demanding situations.

“If you have a 300-pound partner who can’t even run up a flight of stairs. … it’s dangerous for everybody,” one cop said.

Ex-NYPD Officer Jose Vega provided a vivid example of the problem last week when he filed suit for a job-related disability pension because his weight soared from 180 to 395 pounds during 17 years on the force.

Multiple NYPD sources blamed the situation on the lack of any fitness mandate once cops graduate from the Police Academy.

“You see some of these officers out there: they’re fat, they’re sloppy, they’re disgusting and they’re not healthy,” one cop said.

The FDNY, by contrast, requires that firefighters and emergency medical technicians undergo comprehensive, annual physicals that include weigh-ins, cardiac exams, blood tests, x-rays and hearing and vision checks.

Those who fail to meet official standards are sidelined until they do, the FDNY said.

In 2015, surveillance video caught two NYPD detectives unable to chase down a shooting suspect who escaped from custody and outran them in Harlem. He had both hands cuffed behind his back.

Take a look at some other officers in the line of duty!


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