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Off-Duty Cop Saves The Day During Mother’s Day Celebration In Brazil


Off-Duty Cop Saves The Day During Mother’s Day Celebration In Brazil

An off-duty cop saved the lives of a group of women and their children when an armed thief approached them in front of a school in Brazil. She shot and killed the gunman before he attempted to commit the crime.

A street surveillance camera captured a group of mothers taking their children to a school event in Sao Paolo when a man approached the group and attempted to rob them at gunpoint. In a split second, a woman wearing a pink T-shirt starts shooting the gunman three times and kicks the gun out of his reach. The footage then shows the woman ordering the gunman to lay on his stomach.

The woman was identified as Katia da Silva Sastre who tagged along with her seven-year-old daughter to the school event. She was honored by the governor of Sao Paolo, Marcio Franca, for her bravery and protecting the lives of the mothers and their children. Franca wrote in a tweet:

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“Her courage and precision saved mothers and children, yesterday at the door of a school,”

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The assailant in question was transported to the emergency room of the Santa Casa de Suzana Hospital in Sao Paolo for his injuries but died soon after.

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