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Officer Fired For Brutally Punching Handcuffed Woman

St. Albans Police dept


Officer Fired For Brutally Punching Handcuffed Woman

Officer Fired For Brutally Punching Handcuffed Woman

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Sgt. Jason Lawton, from the Saint Albans City police force was fired after bodycam footage showed him punch a cuffed woman who was in a holding cell.

Amy Connelly, 35, was allegedly drunk on March 14, 2019 when she ripped a man’s shirt at a bar. She was later taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Apparently, once in the holding cell she refused to stop kicking the door to her cell and that’s when the altercation happened.

The incident was caught on the officer’s body cam video, as well as on surveillance footage obtained by WCAX News.

It shows Sgt. Lawton put Connelly against a wall after she refuses to sit down. She stands back up and she allegedly tries to kick the sergeant, who responds by hitting the handcuffed woman in the face.

“I’ve been doing this for 44 years. I don’t approve of anything like that. Nobody gets to engage in behavior that’s abusive,” St. Albans Police Chief Gary Taylor said.

Lawton is appealing his termination.

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