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Officer Suspended After Dancing Naked In Nightclub



Officer Suspended After Dancing Naked In Nightclub

An Arkansas police officer was suspended after a video surfaced of him dancing naked in a nightclub from last month.

Komo News reports Conway Police Department Officer Cebron Hackett was suspended for 30 days without pay after a video surfaced of him dancing while intoxicated at the Discovery Nightclub. On Oct.13, Hackett removed all of his clothing and began dancing but attempted to tackle a security guard in the process. He was escorted out of the club shortly after.

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Conway Police Chief Jody Spradlin said in Hackett’s suspension notice that he was an embarrassment to the department and could have been arrested for his actions.

“While your level of intoxication cannot be proved at that moment, it is very reasonable under these set of circumstances to state that you failed to hold yourself to a standard that is acceptable by the public of the police department,”

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Hackett was not charged for his actions at the club since the security guards were not aware that he was a police officer.

Officers used discretion at the time not to arrest the subject for a misdemeanor offense, due to his cooperation and an acquaintance said they would be responsible for this subject,”

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