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Officer Tells Men During Traffic Stop, ‘I’m Gonna Knock You The F— Out’



Officer Tells Men During Traffic Stop, ‘I’m Gonna Knock You The F— Out’

Officer Tells Men During Traffic Stop, ‘I’m Gonna Knock You The F— Out’

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A video has surfaced that shows a New Jersey police officer screaming at two young men during a traffic stop. The footage shows him telling the men if they “frog the f— up” his 90-pound K-9 is going “to come out and rip the f— out of you.”

The officer who has been identified as Glenn Anthony Abrams Jr. is reported to have pulled over 22-year-old Antoine Jones and his passenger, 21-year-old Brian Wilson, back in February of 2017.

According to, the ongoing suit says that officer Andrew Jaques then “pulled up to the scene like a lunatic.” Brian then started to record the incident, before being threatened by the cop who snatched his phone away.

“Brian, listen — there’s two ways that this could go,” Jaques said. “Take that phone and stick it out of my face. I’m not going to tell you again. Listen, my camera is on, so don’t worry about it.”

Brian requested his phone back and questioned why they had been pulled over in the first place.

“I’m going to explain this one time and one time only,” the officer added. “This is going to go two ways. You are going to act like a gentleman and I’m going to treat you like a gentleman. You frog the f–k up, I guarantee you that 90-pound dog is going to come out and rip the f–k out of you.”

“Put your hand in my face again, I’m going to knock you the f–k out,” Jaques continued. “I’m that f–king guy, you understand me? So calm the f–k down. You feel me?”

After the video ends, the cops searched the car and let the men go without filing any charges. The suit is currently pending but claims racial profiling, illegal search and false imprisonment at the hands of the officers.

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