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“Roll Out The Red Carpet!” The Olympic Games Are Coming To Hollywood… In 2028!



“Roll Out The Red Carpet!” The Olympic Games Are Coming To Hollywood… In 2028!

Los Angeles is finally going to host the Olympic games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach officially announced the future home of the 2024 and 2028 Olympic games this past Wednesday. It what is being hailed as a “win, win” situation, both Paris and Los Angeles walked away as the future cities of the Olympic games.

The last time an American city hosted the Olympic games was in 1996 in Atlanta, G.A.

Los Angeles’ victory comes after being beat out by Boston back in 2014. However, after concerns over cost began to bring issues for Boston causing the city to back out, the city became an option in 2015.

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Furthermore, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti was one of the lead negotiators. Upon winning, he shared his enthusiasm by saying:

L.A. is a city where the Games are not a barrier to making progress; we know that they are an accelerating force to re-envisioning a better city and a better world in the days ahead as we welcome you back to the City of Angels,” he said, mentioning his 5-year-old daughter, Maya, who will be 16 when the Olympics kick off in the city in 2028.”

He continues:

I will see her and my city grow up.With new rail lines and a reborn airport, and the Olympics will help spur our bold vision to build a city of opportunity, no matter what neighborhood you live in.”

After suffering from a disheartening loss in 2005 to London, also had much to celebrate. The IOC president said,“This is a win-win-win situation for Paris, Los Angeles and the entire Olympic Movement.”

Socialites! What do you think about the Olympics FINALLY  heading to Los Angeles?


Press Play above and watch the 1996 Olympic opening ceremony in Atlanta!


Source: Washington Post

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