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Over 300 Students & Staff Quarantined Amid Measles Outbreak At UCLA



Over 300 Students & Staff Quarantined Amid Measles Outbreak At UCLA

Over 300 Students Quarantined Amid Measles Outbreak At Los Angeles Universities

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Over 300 students and staff have had to be quarantined at UCLA and Cal State L.A. following a measles outbreak.

The quarantine order was issued for affected people to stay home, avoid contact with others and notify health officials if they develop any measles symptoms.

“Please be assured that we have the resources we need for prevention and treatment, and that we are working very closely with local public health officials on the matter,” UCLA Chancellor Gene Block revealed in a statement.

Abc 7 reports that a student at UCLA who was previously diagnosed with measles is reported to have exposed 500 people on campus to the infection!

“We expect that those notified will be quarantined for approximately 24-48 hours until their proof of immunity is established. A few may need to remain in quarantine for up to seven days. We have arranged for those who live on campus to be cared for at UCLA while they are quarantined,” UCLA said in a statement.

Measles is an extremely contagious disease and can stay in the air for two hours after someone coughs or sneezes. Public health officials are urging everyone to get vaccinated immediately.

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