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Parents Arrested After Their Teen Daughter Called A Hotline To Report Abuse

Flagler County Sheriff's Office


Parents Arrested After Their Teen Daughter Called A Hotline To Report Abuse

A Florida couple was arrested on Friday after their daughter called an abuse hotline to report their abusive nature towards her and her younger siblings.

FOX 59 reports the 14-year-old girl had enough of living in “deplorable conditions” and was forced to become a full-time caretaker for her younger siblings, aged 6,8, 9 and 12, while her parents worked. After contacting the abuse hotline to report her living situation, officers from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the home to discover trash, animal feces, and roaches in the rooms. The refrigerator contained rotten food and the home had no running water. Officers reported that the teen contemplated suicide after dealing with physical and mental abuse from her mother.

The teen was also required to care for three dogs, a rabbit, and two chickens. Her siblings told officers that they had to travel to a campground to take a shower and faced some days without bathing.

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Betty Nicolicchia-Allen,42, and Dennis Allen,33, were arrested and charged with child abuse on Friday afternoon.

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Sheriff Rick Staly said in a statement that the teen was brave for calling the hotline before things took a turn for the worst.

“These children were living in deplorable conditions. I am thankful that these kids are now safe from these two individuals who obviously do not know how to properly care for children.”

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