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Parkland Students Start New School Year With Tightened Security



Parkland Students Start New School Year With Tightened Security

Parkland Students Start New School Year With Tightened Security

More than 3,000 students returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to begin their new year, just six months and a day after Nikolas Cruz killed 17 students including staff.

The school has since made significant security upgrades to protect their students and to make sure they feel much safer. It was said that students encountered beefed-up security — guards, locks and 52 new security cameras when they arrived this Wednesday.

Still, some students felt that it wasn’t enough. NBC quoted one student saying,

“At the end of the day, I’m not going to feel safe at school because I don’t feel safe anywhere,” Jaclyn Corin, 17, a senior said.

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Some teachers said they’re worried about how to address the shooting with their students and discuss drills to prepare them for a campus intruder because it could trigger their anxiety.

Although the staff is trying to do their best to protect the kids, some Stoneman Douglas students have said that they don’t want to see metal detectors and that it’s important to strike a balance on safety, according to NBC.

“There’s always going to be people who think they should be doing more, but we don’t want our school to feel like a jail,” Garrity said. “We just want to feel safe. There’s a fine line between feeling trapped and feeling safe.”

Despite that, there’s one student who’s trying to remain positive through it all,

“It will never go back to how it was. It just won’t,” Andrea Peña, 16, a junior said. “When something so drastic alters your world — but hopefully we’ll find a new reality.”

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