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Venice, Italy At Risk Of Being Completely Submerged After High Tide

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Venice, Italy At Risk Of Being Completely Submerged After High Tide

Venice Italy is sinking as sea levels continue to rise to the highest point in over 50 years!

Venice Italy is experiencing one of the worst floods that they’ve seen in 50 years as sea levels continue to rise covering 70% of the city! Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has called this a “dramatic situation” that he says was brought on by climate change and the melting of the ice sheets.

“Venice is the pride of all of Italy, Venice is everyone’s heritage, unique in the world.”

According to the New York Post, more than 6 feet of water engulfed 85% of the lagoon city last week, causing major damage to homes, businesses, stores, and cultural sites.

Water started rushing into Venice again on Friday and has now flooded sites like St. Mark’s Square, and the city’s famous piazza with knee-high water.

Being that Venice and the Venetians are in a state of emergency, Italy has released 20 million euros to repair the extensive damage, but according to Brugnaro, the total could run into the hundreds of millions.

Due to the coastal location of Venice, sources say that currently, 21 ports are in danger of completely drowning. And as the years go on, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that extreme flooding could occur every six years.

“Venice is once again being watched by the world and it needs to show that it can succeed and pick itself back up,” Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said.

As more news is released about this situation, we will keep you up to date!


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