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Passenger Fined $17K After Throwing Coins In Plane Engine For “Good Luck”


Passenger Fined $17K After Throwing Coins In Plane Engine For “Good Luck”

An airline passenger was ordered to pay a $17,000 fine after throwing coins in a plane’s engine for “good luck” at the Anqing Tianzhushan Airport in China.

According to the BBC, it was Lu Chao’s first time flying on an airplane and he decided to throw two yuan coins into the plane’s engine for “good luck” in February 2019. However, Lu’s decision led to his fellow passengers to become stranded after the airline, Lucky Air, canceled the flight and performed safety checks. He was also arrested and detained by police for 10 days on a public disorder charge.

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During his court hearing in July, the airline reported that the incident cost more than $17,600 but the 28-year-old argued the airline should have warned passengers not to throw coins at the planes.

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This is not the first time a flight has been delayed due to passengers throwing coins at the aircraft. In 2017, an elderly passenger threw several yuan coins at a plane engine, delaying flight 380 for China Southern Airlines.

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