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Passenger Playing With Sex Doll Causes Emergency Landing For Jet2 Flight


Passenger Playing With Sex Doll Causes Emergency Landing For Jet2 Flight

A passenger who was on a flight from Ibiza to Belfast caused an emergency landing after playing with a sex doll on board.

The New York Post reports the passenger was a part of a stag party and began to verbally abuse airline staff when he was denied to drink his duty-free alcohol on the flight. A witness explained that the captain introduced himself and told the male passenger about the airline’s policies.

“The captain introduced himself and gave a really stern warning and reiterated that only alcohol bought on board could be consumed on flight and duty-free can’t be consumed”

The captain explained to passengers that if the reckless behavior continued, he will land the plane in Barcelona. The male passenger continued playing with a sex doll in front of children.

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Instead of landing in Barcelona, the pilot rerouted to France and landed in Toulouse. Authorities arrived at the airport where they arrested the unruly passenger and banned him from the airline for life.

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A Jet2 spokesman released a statement about the man’s actions on the flight.

“Unfortunately, his behavior was particularly unnecessary towards one of our crew and he was also aggressive and unruly in the vicinity, where other families with young children and customers were sitting,”

“It’s is very clear that consuming alcohol illicitly contributed to this behavior and as part of our ‘OnBoard Together’ approach we will continue to call for action to better control the sale and consumption of tax-free goods purchased at airports,”

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