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Pastor Faces Lawsuit For Viral Resurrection Stunt



Pastor Faces Lawsuit For Viral Resurrection Stunt

A South African pastor who went viral after he “resurrected” a dead man is being sued by a group of funeral home directors.

According to the BBC, Pastor Alph Lukau became a viral sensation after a video showed him telling a dead man to “rise up” in front of worshippers. Now, multiple funeral companies are planning to sue the pastor for allegedly manipulating them into participating in Lukau’s stunts. Funeral companies Kingdom Blue, Kings & Queens Funeral Service and Black Pheonix said the pastor’s church members used different methods to trick them.

A rep from Kings & Queens Funeral Home said the church members claimed they were family members of the deceased had a dispute with a different funeral service provider” and also placed stickers from Black Pheonix Funeral Home to “look credible” in order to rent out a hearse from Kings & Queens.

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The coffin used in the video was purchased from Kingdom Blue and Pastor Lukau’s church, Alleluia Ministries International, has backtracked the claims that they resurrected the man and said he was “already alive” when the video was recorded.

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The viral video has also sparked the #ResurrectionChallenge where it jokes about life after being reborn.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.


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