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Payless Created A Fake Luxury Shoe Store To Trick Influencers For A Social Experiment

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Payless Created A Fake Luxury Shoe Store To Trick Influencers For A Social Experiment

Crazy to think that influencers only flock to “luxury” items right? Well, at least that’s what Payless thought!

Los Angeles Influencers put on their best dressed to attend a “luxury” shoe store opening only to find out it was Payless.

In a pretty brilliant social experiment, Payless hosted a party and invited about 80 social media influencers to their mock store “Palessi.”

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The brand decided to film the event where they asked attendees what they thought about the shoes on display.

Many said they felt the shoes were elegant, sophisticated, and classy and worth paying $500 for.

This of course was before it was revealed to them that the shoes were from Payless.

Along with the store opening, the “shoesource” even created an Instagram account sharing pictures of the influencers who attended.

They say that throughout the night, they cashed in over $3000 which of course was given back to the shoppers after Payless shared their cover.

“The campaign plays off of the enormous discrepancy and aims to remind consumers we are still a relevant place to shop for affordable fashion,” Payless CMO Sarah Couch said while speaking to AdWeek about the campaign.

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Hopefully, this social experiment attracts more shoppers to their stores. Take a look at the advertisements below and let us know what you think!

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