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Pet Groomer Pulls Out Gun After Couple Arrives Late To Pick Up Their Dog

Salt Lake County


Pet Groomer Pulls Out Gun After Couple Arrives Late To Pick Up Their Dog

A Utah woman was arrested after she pulled a gun on a couple who showed up late to pick up their pet. Police say the woman owned the dog grooming company.

According to KSL, Lisa Vickie Hull,56, was arrested Friday after she pulled out the weapon at Absolute Best Grooming when a man and a woman arrived late to pick up their dog. A report from the Salt Lake County Jail states that Hull was “upset due to them picking up their dog after the business’ closing time.” Hull went to the back area of the grooming site to grab a handgun and pointed it at the couple. Police were contacted shortly after.

When officers arrived at the scene, an employee told them that the dog owners apologized for their lateness but Hull was irritated and started waving her gun around at the establishment.

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The employee added that Hull smoked marijuana before she approached the couple with her handgun and told them if police arrived, she would give them her .22 caliber instead of the gun she used to threaten the couple.

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Hull was arrested and charged with investigation of aggravated assault, threatening to use a gun in a fight, drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a weapon by a restricted person.


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