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Petition to Drop Chris Brown From RCA Records Has More Than 49,000 Signatures


Petition to Drop Chris Brown From RCA Records Has More Than 49,000 Signatures

A petition to get singer Chris Brown dropped from his record label RCA has received more than 49,000 signatures one month after its launch.

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The petition was created one month ago by activist website Care2 in efforts to get Chris removed from RCA Records due to his “dangerous history”. The petition, however, was formed after paparazzi photos were released of Brown with his hands around a woman’s neck. The singer addressed those same photos and said he was playing around with his friends. 

“Brown’s dangerous history of violence against women has gone ignored for far too long. Brown is a threat to women and needs to be held accountable for his actions,” the petition reads. “Tell RCA Records to stop supporting a domestic abuser and drop Chris Brown immediately.”

The petition now has well over 49,000 signatures. Support of the petition appears to have increased following recent reports of a woman who is suing the “Pills and Automobiles” singer over claims she was raped at his house by one of his friends and forced to perform oral on another woman who was menstruating.

According to TMZ, the alleged victim is suing anonymously as a Jane Doe. She claims she was invited to a party at Brown’s California home in February 2017 where they supplied the guests with cocaine, molly, and weed. The guests’ phones were also taken before entering the party.

According to the court documents, Doe says an unnamed female friend of Chris’ forced her and a few other women to go inside of a bedroom where they locked them inside by blocking the door with a couch. She says Chris’ friend forced the women to have sex with Chris and another man, named Lowell Grissom.

Chris’ lawyer Mark Geragos, recently stated his client was involved in a “shakedown”. 

“Chris didn’t do anything and they know Chris didn’t do anything,” Geragos said. “Other than using his name so that she could have a press conference, I don’t understand why he’s dragged into anything.”

He added, “In another era, we might have called this a shakedown.”

Geragos also told TMZ that the “Forever” singer had nothing to do with the alleged rape.

“If any of that were true, it would’ve been criminally investigated. Obviously it was and it was rejected,” said Geragos.

“The fact that they made a demand for $17 million and that I told them to go pound sand probably explains why they did the press conference [Wednesday].”

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